Small Animal Services


  • Parasite Prevention

    Protect your fur babies with both external and internal parasite testing and prevention.

  • Vaccinations

    We offer both new puppy/kitten and annual vaccines to keep your pets up to date.

  • Dental

    Routine teeth cleanings and dental extractions keep your pet's teeth healthy and ready for action.

  • Prescription Diets

    Our clinic carries the

    nutritious and vet approved  brand, Royal Canin, for your dog or cats dietary needs.


Microchipping ensures that, should your dog/cat go missing, your information can be easily accessed. 


Drug free, surgery free solution to relieving pain, healing wounds, and so much more.

Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams ensure your pet gets the necessary attention he/she deserves.


  • Radiography

    We use time-efficient digital radiography to view the bone structures of animals and digitally transfer or enhance images.

  • Ultrasound

    Non-invasive method of diagnosing diseases, pregnancies, etc., by showing internal structure of organs.

  • Surgery

    From spays/neuters to soft tissue surgeries, we offer procedures to enhance the overall wellbeing of your fur babies.

  • Diagnostic Testing

    Blood testing, urinalyses, parasite screenings and much more give us the ability to diagnose your pets correctly.


Humane Euthanasia

Our staff is here to assist you in this difficult time by discussing your options for end of life care.


Cremation can be a beautiful way to celebrate your pet's life after they have passed.